Plants and lush greens are increasingly becoming the new craze, as more and more individuals are opting to use them as décor to liven up every corner of the room. As humans, we are innately connected to nature and ultimately, it can really make the difference between a house and a home. There are a number of positive aspects from having house plants in your home or workspace that can greatly affect your state of mind, and we’d love to share them with you!

  1. Plants are natural air purifiers!

According to research, these magnificent indoor plants have the ability to rid the air of common toxins and pollutants. It is suggested that a noticeable difference in air quality can be observed by placing 6-8 medium/large sized plants throughout the room. It’s crucial to ensure that all plants are being taken care of based on their individual sunlight & water requirements in order for them to perform at their very best!

  1. They are incredible for boosting your mood!

According to numerous studies, taking care of plants can be very good for your state of mind, particularly when there’s a large amount to care for. Being a “plant parent” can be wildly rewarding when you see a new baby sprout emerge from the soil, and studies suggest that this phenomenon helps to release endorphins! The release of endorphins contributes to the feeling of blissful happiness as well as higher levels of energy!

  1. They will help to reduce your stress

It’s often suggested that people are able to recover from feelings of stress when they are amongst nature. As your plant collection slowly grows and your space fills with a variety of lush greens, your sense of well-being will improve, ultimately making you feel more at ease. If you’re feeling stressed at work, try bringing a few plants to your workspace, and place them in an area that will allow you to look at them throughout the day!

For those of you who are known for not having a “green thumb”, there are a number of beautiful plants that can thrive from being neglected and are very low maintenance! Here are a few suggestions:

Snake Plants– These are very hard to kill and can go weeks without water! Furthermore, they can withstand being placed in areas with low lighting.

ZZ Plant- Officially named Zamioculcas zamiifolia, these are considered a unique species as they LOVE low light, drought and very low humidity! ZZ plants are a perfect addition to any space with their rich green colour and tropical looking leaves. 


Pothos- These plants are able to withstand very low light conditions and can handle being under/over watered. Pothos grow vines, making them the perfect plant to be hung from the ceiling in a macrame plant hanger!

Air Plants- They don’t even need soil! In order for them to thrive, they simply need to be dunked in water every 10 days or so for a few hours! Air plants are great for glass terrariums and make an awesome addition to any office space!   

Bring the outdoors in, and experience all of the great benefits!

Written by – Team Assistant, Stephanie Bushey