Easy way to transform your bathroom to a relaxing oasis

Is your bathroom looking dull and boring? You don’t have to renovate your bathroom to make it into a peaceful oasis. These eight tips will change your dull and boring bathroom without breaking the bank.

1. Towels
Swap those torn and tattered towels for pretty, plush towels instead.
To make your bathroom a spa-like space, choose white towels or for a punch of colour or rustic flair, try orange, yellow, or a print.

2. Shower Curtain
Toss that plastic shower curtain (and liner!) in the trash, and update your space with a fabric curtain instead.
Look for a thick, textured fabric in a bold shade or interesting pattern (think wallpaper design). Can’t find what you’re looking for? Purchase curtains instead, or take fabric to a seamstress to be custom fit for your shower space (or DIY if you’re handy).
Then, update your liner. Choose one that’s white or clear, mold or mildew resistant, with double-reinforced holes for shower rings, heavily weighted at the bottom (so it’s billow-proof).

3. Scent
Indulge your senses by choosing a scent for your space – lavender to soothe, vanilla to indulge or bergamot to invigorate – then purchase hand soaps and creams, bath bombs, bubbles, shower gels and candles in your favourite scent to create a subtle, inviting aroma to your area.

4. Accessories
A few accessories can make your bathroom a place you want to be – rather than a place you need to be.
A heated towel rack is inexpensive and can make getting out of the shower as nice an experience as being in it (especially in winter).
Add a large green plant (palms work well in bathrooms because of the humidity) to a corner, or orchid to the corner of the tub or countertop. Fresh flowers by the sink add colour and fragrance.
Buy pretty jars and display your white toiletries – cotton balls and swabs – rather than stashing them away in a drawer.

5. Artwork
Adding artwork to your bathroom is a great way to create a unified space.
Choose a theme for your bathroom – rustic, spa, contemporary – then choose artwork that enhances this theme.
Try black-and-white photography, textured paintings or 3D metal art.
Avoid oil or water-based paintings as they can get damaged by the humidity (or have them treated).

6. Hardware
Knobs and handles can make a bathroom look dated.
Swap your standard hardware for some statement pieces.
Stylish finishes include brushed bronze, antique copper, pewter, and shiny or matte nickel.
For a whimsical look, look for antique or mismatched pulls such as birds or letters.

7. Mirrors
Swap that standard mirror for something that makes you look twice.
Over double-sinks, choose two matching framed mirrors, or arrange multiple mirrors in a staggered pattern to create a really interesting accent wall (this works especially well with white-painted intricate mirrors).
Add a mixed-metal mirror on the long wall beside the bath instead of artwork, which will help open up a small space, too.

8. Lighting
Bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be harsh and unfriendly. Instead of a single potlight in the centre of the ceiling, hang a stunning chandelier that’ll make your bathroom really feel like an inviting room in your home.
Or, above the vanity, add wall sconces that’ll add a gorgeous glow.

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