As with any decision there are always Pros and Cons to buying a home in Grey Bruce in the winter. Less homes available and snow may be determining factors, but it also means less competition and more availability of movers. Only you can decide if this is something you would consider. The following is a list of Pros and Cons that you will want to discuss with your Real Estate Sales Representative when considering a purchase in Grey Bruce during the winter months:

CONS to Buying a Home in Grey Bruce during the Winter:

1.    Less Homes Available. If you are in an urgent situation where it is imperative that you buy immediately during the winter, you may have to sacrifice some of your wants and needs due to the fact that there is often less to choose from.
2.    Difficult to Do a Visual Inspection. If the roof and yard are covered with snow and the ground is frozen it may be difficult to get an accurate visual inspection of the condition of the components of the home that are hidden by the elements. It is important to ensure that the appropriate questions are asked and conditions are included in your offer. Don’t forget it gets dark early in the evening, so some details may be missed if you schedule an evening appointment.
3.    Snow on Moving Day. One of the obvious reasons that buying a home in the winter might not be so pleasant, is if your moving day is a storm day. In Grey Bruce a snow storm can shutdown highways and even disrupt powerlines. If your completion date is a storm day, it could make moving day difficult. Consider booking a moving company to help. Just be prepared, have a back up plan, and pray for Mother Nature to cooperate.

PROS to Buying a Home in Grey Bruce during the Winter:

1.    Less Homes mean Motivated Sellers. If a Seller continues to list their home in Grey Bruce in the winter and are willing to prepare their home for showings with the extra work involved, then they are likely motivated to sell. Motivated Sellers tend to be more willing to negotiate, assuming there aren’t multiple offers. This could be a good time of the year to buy the home you want and beat out the competition from Buyers who won’t travel to the area in the winter.
2.    Great Time of Year to See the Homes Efficiency. If you view the home in winter during a cold streak you might be able to see if the home is heated efficiently and if the warmth is equally distributed throughout the home.
3.    Professional Movers have Lots of Availability. Since there are less people willing and able to move in the winter in Grey Bruce the company’s such as John Thompson Movers that make their living moving people are more likely to have a quick opening.

Whether you decide to Buy in the winter or wait for the snow to melt, The Saugeen Team is here to help you with all your real estate needs. Contact Us: Samantha Trumbley, Sales Representative or Scott Saunders, Broker for more information!

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