During the course of our business in real estate, we are frequently asked by our Buyer’s if they can buy a vacant lot and put an RV or camping trailer on the property until they eventually build a home or cottage. It’s a great question and as a camping trailer owner myself, I would love to purchase a few vacant acres and camp on my own property during the summer. 

However, the simple answer to this question is: Mostly No. 

Most of the Towns and Municipalities in the area have the same by-laws that state that you cannot place a RV or camping trailer on a vacant property. There might be a few exceptions, however. One exception is to stay in your camping trailer while you build a home or cottage – some Towns will let you as long as you obtain permits. If you are thinking of buying vacant land with the idea of camping on it, you will not be allowed.

If you have an RV/camping trailer your best bet is one of many beautiful seasonal campgrounds that will have electric/water/sewer hookups. 

The next question we are generally asked is if a Buyer could build a small off-grid cabin on the property. The answer is: Maybe. Some Towns and municipalities will not let you, but others may. Some Towns have zoning requirements that tell you a minimum square feet of a house that you would have to build. Some do not. 

Check the Zoning By-Laws (easily found on the internet) or call the Town or Municipality that you think you may want to buy in (also ask your Saugeen Team Realtor®). 

One thing you need to remember is that we love our beautiful natural home and we want to protect our water and land. Most areas will want you to have a proper sewer system to handle your waste so it does not enter the aquifers and pollute the water. 

Buying vacant land is a good investment. Barring any major market crashes or unforeseen events, you have the potential for your investment to grow and when you’re ready to build, you’ll have a pristine and beautiful place to live. 

Your Saugeen Team Realtor® is here to help you every step of the way. We have access to the information you need to make an informed decision. Let us help you! Contact us today!