Can Real Estate Documents Be Signed Electronically?

 We all have busy lives. Maybe you’re looking for a change or ready to invest in a cottage. Perhaps gearing up to retire to Saugeen Shores. Or a busy family with a lot going on. Real Estate paperwork can seem like another time constraint on your life. Sometimes it’s challenging enough to take the time to view properties to find the right one. Especially when the world is in the midst of a Global Pandemic.

Luckily, in July 2015, Real Estate agreements can now be signed electronically. This helps save you time and gives you the ability to go home (wherever that it) and review paperwork and sign documents electronically.

Best practises for Realtors® is to send you the paperwork in draft format for your review and questions. You are responsible for reading through all of documents and understand what you’re signing. If you have questions, please ask right away so we can clarify anything you may need explained. Real Estate Paperwork is a Contract and you should know exactly what you are signing. Once you review the draft documents, your Realtor® will then send you the documents through a web-based electronic signature program. You do not need any special programs or apps on your end, just an email address and access to the internet. The process has been made very simple and easy for you. 

You are not obligated to sign forms electronically if you do not want to. We are happy to sit down in person and go through the paperwork with you and we would prefer to do that, if you have time, of course! 

Realtors® are constantly trying to make things easier for you, because we understand that time is precious in this busy life! We’re here to help you in your real estate journey. 

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