Whether you are planning to sell in this Fall, or just preparing for winter in Grey Bruce, time is running out to finish up the much needed fall clean up.

From a Realtors perspective, when showing a home in the Fall the top 5 things that I would suggest be priority before the snow flies are:

  1. Clean out your eaves first. The fallen leaves and needles from nearby trees will block the flow of water through your eaves. If the water is unable to run away from the home it can settle in places you do not want it to. If you are unable to get up on your roof hire a professional such as Handyman of Huron to the do the job for you.
  2. Rake your leaves. Be sure the yard looks tidy by raking up fallen leaves. This is not only aesthetically pleasing but also creates less work in the spring.
  3. Clean up your gardens and flower beds. Once the frost nips your perennials the gardens begin to look very sad. Add that to a grey day in November and your home may appear unkept. Buyers like to see a home that is well cared when they decide to buy. They don’t want to do work that should have been done before.
  4. Have your chimney cleaned before using it. Black Magic Chimney Sweep would be glad to arrange a professional to service your woodstove and chimney before your roof is covered with snow.
  5. Get your driveway markers up. The snow might not be on the ground today, but trust me, once the ground freezes putting markers up can be a difficult task. Not only that, but when Realtors and Buyers drive in your unfamiliar lane there is an additional chance that they might not get out. Try to ensure your home has easy access and is clearly marked.

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