Summer in Saugeen Shores is beautiful. Sunny skies, hot temperatures and so many activities. Of course, the beach is biggest draw of them all. If you’re a seasonal camper, like myself, you’ll probably end up neglecting your home all summer. We’re busy people, we want to be outside and enjoying the sunshine and BBQ’s and friends. I always find it’s best to be prepared for the short summer months. Follow my tips to get you and your home ready for summer:

  1. Clean. I know I’m not going to be home for most of the summer, so I like to give my house a really good cleaning. I think it’s called Spring cleaning, but I prefer: summer ready cleaning!
  2. Summer Clothes. Get your summer clothes ready. I generally rotate my summer and winter clothes every year. I also make sure my beach towels and swimsuits are washed and ready to wear. 
  3. Guests. Be prepared for those unexpected guests that always drop in during the summer. Have cold drinks, extra snacks and hamburgers and hot dogs ready.
  4. Clean Eavestrough. It won’t be sunny every day, so make sure your eavestrough are cleaned and ready to handle the summer rain storms.
  5. BBQ Ready. Give the ole BBQ a good cleaning and make sure you have enough fuel.
  6. Patio Furniture. Bring out the patio furniture and clean.
  7. Open Pool. 
  8. Clean your Vehicles. Ok, maybe this one isn’t about your home, but starting off the summer with a clean car inside and out is definitely a good thing! Bonus tip, I always keep a beach towel and flip flops in my car for when I stop at the beach just because.

There are always things to do in the summer and it can get a little busy. Do the prep work now so you can relax and enjoy the short summer!