Spring might be a little ways off, but if you’re planning a major renovation it’s past time to get started. We’ve complied a handy list of tips to help get you started for your spring renovation.

1. Set Your Goals: The first step to planning a renovation is to decide exactly what you want to do. This is generally the 2nd most fun part of any renovation (the first is the completion of the renovation). This is the step where you plan and dream about what your new space will look like. If, for example, you want to renovate the kitchen, you first need to decide what you want from it. Think about the layout of the room. Does the current layout work? If not, what layout will work for your family?

2. Get Real: You can’t just take down walls without structural advice. You can’t move electrical by yourself. This step is where you figure what is actually possible. It’s a good time to bring some professionals in (Architect, engineer etc) to help you get some detailed drawings together and list of required materials. This is also the step where you call the Town/City/Municipality to find out what the local bylaws and permit requirements are for your renovation. 

3. It’s HOW MUCH?!: This step is where you decide on your budget and start getting quotations from contractors/suppliers. Put together your budget and add a contingency for unforeseen issues that always come up in a renovation. You’ll need the right contractor for your job, so interview several. Check their references. Apply for permits. Make sure your budget covers everything, including contingency allowance. Even with careful planning, sometimes things do work out. Check out this Website for free Construction Budget Templates.

Helpful Tips:

  • Contractors in Grey/Bruce are very busy. Your spring reno may be a fall reno!
  • COVID19 has increased the prices of building materials and timeframes for delivery of materials. Always ask how long for delivery. You don’t want to start a bathroom reno and find out the vanity you ordered won’t be here until next winter.
  • Be patient and kind. Renos can be stressful on yourself and your family. 

Always do the prep work before you start any renovation. It will help reduce stress and unexpected problems along the way. 

Written by Samantha Trumbley, who was a Project Manager in major commercial/industrial construction before becoming a Realtor®. Plan, plan and plan some more was always my motto!

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