First, let me start off by saying, we are so proud and excited about our communities in Grey/Bruce Counties, that this article may be terribly biased. We grew up here, live here with our families, are active in our service clubs and absolutely LOVE it here. There’s a number of reasons why people are relocating to Grey Bruce Counties located along Lake Huron, and we’d love to share them with!

Why relocate to Grey/Bruce Counties? Perhaps you’ve been hired at Bruce Power, are retiring or are looking for a recreational property (aka a cottage) – then you’ve come to the right place! Grey/Bruce is packed full of natural beauty, tons of year-round activities and peace and quiet.

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What are the Advantages vs. the Disadvantages of living in Grey/Bruce? We break down the pros and cons here:


  1. Natural Beauty – Aside from Lake Huron and Georgian Bay (both beautiful), Grey & Bruce Counties have unbelievable natural beauty. Sandy beaches. Waterfalls. Rivers. Forests. Open spaces. Small lakes. We are also famous for our glorious sunsets over Lake Huron. I could go on and on – you have to see it for yourself! Click here to visit our Pinterest page for photos from around Grey/Bruce.
  • Choices – Rural, Suburban, Urban and Cottages. Whether you like living in a city or you are looking for a rural retreat (Tara), this area caters to both and everything in between. We have small towns (Southampton, Port Elgin, Chesley, Kincardine etc.), tiny villages (Allenford, Elsinore, Keady etc.) and 1 good sized city (Owen Sound). If you’re looking for a cottage on or near the beaches of Lake Huron, we have plenty to choose from. You can find exactly the type of property and lifestyle you are looking for in Grey/Bruce. Click here to find properties for sale in Grey/Bruce.
  • Activities – We have activities for all four seasons! In the summer, the most popular activities include swimming, hiking, walking the beautiful trails, water activities i.e. fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing and surfing. There are many magnificent golf courses in the area with incredible landscaping and greenery that makes for a great day with friends and family. Furthermore, there is camping, biking, and music in the parks to name a few more. We can’t forget about the shoreline with white sand beaches and the boardwalks! It’s a perfect spot to sit on the beach and watch the colourful sunsets. In the winter, we have cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and Blue Mountain isn’t far away for those of you who enjoy skiing or snowboarding!
  • Service Clubs – If you’re looking to join a club or church for fellowship – we have all the clubs and churches you may want. If you like to volunteer, your choices are limitless. Relocating to Grey Bruce Counties allow you the opportunity to make new friends and help your community in amazing ways. Your new friends are waiting for you!
  • No Traffic – There are no 6 lane highways in the area where you end up spending hours sitting in traffic. Grey & Bruce Counties mostly consists of quiet country roads with amazing scenery of the fields, windmills and hills. You’ll never sit in stop and go traffic again on your commute (unless there’s an accident).
  • Amenities & Shopping – There are lots of amenities and shopping in the area – from small, family-owned businesses and restaurants, coffee shops, big box stores, to higher end clothing stores are throughout the region. There are museums, art galleries, and plenty of family friendly community events to enjoy. Yoga studios, spas, gyms and walking/running groups are just waiting for you to join them.
  • Peace and Quiet – A laid-back relaxed community is yours to be found in Ontario’s hidden treasure, Grey/Bruce. The most stressful part will be choosing where you want to live! Listen to the birds, watch the wildlife and fill your heart with peaceful thoughts. This is the place where you can breathe and find yourself.
  • Distance to the Major Cities – Less than a 3-hour drive to the Cities (Toronto, Hamilton, KW, Guelph) – I call this an advantage because the Cities are not too close, but not too far away!


  1. The Winter Weather – The weather is unpredictable in the winter because of our proximity to Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, and snow can come in without much warning. Having myself recently moved to the area; I have found that the winters are not as bad as I had imagined. Make sure to get good snow tires on the vehicle and drive cautiously if the weather is bad. Better still, stay home and watch the snow fall with a warm fire and warm beverage.
  • Public Transportation – You will need to own a vehicle as there isn’t a lot of public transportation here. Owen Sound has public transportation, but most of the other towns do not. For those that do not drive, there are taxis in the area to get you where you need to go. 

We hope you enjoyed our completely biased article about Relocating to Grey/Bruce Counties! Should you have any questions or comments, The Saugeen Team is here to help! Contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to help!