Winter in Grey & Bruce Counties present their own unique set of challenges for new listings. When it is cold, raining or snowing in Grey Bruce it is not the most convenient time to put your home on the market.

Most homeowners in Grey Bruce know this to be true and feel that their home won’t show well in the winter.

However, there are steps you can take to brighten your home and make the showings pleasant and enjoyable for buyers.

1) SHOVEL that Grey Bruce Snow

  1. Shovel a path through the snow to the entrance your wish Buyers to enter.
  2. Footprints on freshly fallen snow will turn to ice if the temperature is low enough, so scrape the walk to ensure safety.
  3. Open a path from the street to the sidewalk so visitors aren’t forced to crawl over snowdrifts.
  4. Be sure to plow or clear the snow on country property and mark the sides of your Grey Bruce laneway with visible stakes.

2) Let the LIGHT Shine In

  1. Pull up the blinds, open the shutters, and push back the drapes on windows.
  2. Late Fall and Winter can seem very grey in Grey & Bruce, turn the lights on for the Buyers as they view your home.

3) Turn on the HEAT

  1. Pump up that thermostat. It’s better to heat the house a degree or two warmer than usual and then set the temperature at normal.
  2. You want the temperature inside to be comfortable and encourage the buyer to linger, especially on a cold day.
  3. Light the fireplace for ambiance.

4) Enhance the Mood with STAGING your Grey Bruce Home

  1. Do it yourself or hire a professional 
  2. Toss afghans or throws on the arms of your sofa.
  3. Place vases filled with winter flowers around the house.
  4. Dress your dining room table for a dinner for two.
  5. Turn your bathroom into a spa; Hang plush robes.
  6. Roll up wash cloths, tie with a ribbon and place in a basket on the counter.
  7. Make your living room romantic by placing two champagne glasses near a champagne bucket on the coffee table.
  8. Turn on some classical or jazz music – NOT the RADIO!

5) Ease Up on the Scents

Many people are allergic to certain scents and deodorizers, so don’t spray the air or plug-in air fresheners. Even candles or perfume in a small space can be offensive to a Grey Bruce Buyer.

  1. Hot apple cider or cups of cocoa make great beverage choices for a Buyer and smell great!

6) Showcase Your Bruce County Home with seasonal PICTURES

  1. Display photographs showcasing your summer flower gardens and lush green lawns.
  2. This can help the Buyer see what your property looks like in other seasons.

7) CLEAN Your Grey Bruce Home

  1. Wash windows
  2. Clean out cobwebs.
  3. If necessary, re-caulk tubs, showers and sinks.
  4. Polish chrome faucets and mirrors.
  5. Clean out the refrigerator.
  6. Vacuum daily. If your carpeting is plush, vacuum in one direction.
  7. Wash and wax floors.
  8. Dust furniture, ceiling fan blades and light fixtures.
  9. Bleach dingy grout.
  10. Empty trash and recycling bins.

Hire someone if you can’t find time to clean. There are a number of local businesses in Grey Bruce that provide cleaning services.

The Saugeen Team, Samantha Trumbley Sales Representative and Scott Saunders Broker are here to help you sell your home no matter the time of year. Contact us for all your Real Estate needs!