Scents and aromas can have a dramatic impact on people’s emotions when buying a home.

Don’t ignore the power of fragrance when listing your home for sale in Grey/Bruce Counties.

If a potential Buyer forms an emotional connection to your home, chances are they will remember it fondly.

The opposite can be said of Buyers that don’t like the smell of a home. Smoke, pet odours and cooking smells can dramatically impact how a potential Buyer feels about your house. They might forget what type of flooring was in the kitchen, but remember how awful it smelled and not want to return.

  1. Don’t allow smoking in your house
  2. Bath your pets and wash their belongings
  3. Empty the kitty litter daily
  4. Clean, clean, clean, don’t just mask dirty smells, remove them
  5. Refrain from using cooking oil, or heavy spices when cooking prior to a showing
  6. Be sure all dishes are clean and not a stinky mess in the sink
  7. Empty diaper genies and remove garbage from the house

Once you’ve removed any bad aromas proceed to freshening the air in your home, and use scents to your advantage.

  1. Consider doing some baking prior to showings
  2. Using a fragrant cleaner on surfaces can make a home feel clean
  3. The light smell of lavender or eucalyptus can make the bathroom feel spa-like
  4. Run the dryer with fabric softener to replicate clean laundry.
  5. A light spray of room deodorizer can be helpful (just not too much)

If your home is clean and smells fresh, the potential Buyer will have the chance to truly envision themselves living and enjoying the home. Don’t let smells be a distraction. Use the power of smell for attraction. Fragrances are a multi-million dollar industry. As a Seller you can learn from the industry and sell your own product – Your Home.

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