The air is getting brisker and the leaves are falling. It’s time to pack up the cottage and head home for the winter. Here are 10 tasks to complete before you leave your summer home this year:

  1. Sump pump. If your cottage has a sump pump you will need it to stay running throughout the winter to prevent flooding. 
  2. Drain Pipes. Turn off your water supply and drain your pipes and all water containers to prevent them from freezing and bursting. There are plumbers in the area that specialize in winterizing your cottage. 
  3. Apply Anti-Freeze. Pour winterizing anti-freeze in your toilets, and sinks to fill up the traps. 
  4. Clean Eavestrough. You may want to wait until all the leaves have fallen before you clean out the gutters. But it essential that water can flow freely.
  5. Inspect your roof. Make sure you have no missing shingles before winter sets in.
  6. Mouse-Proof. Mice can and will get into your cottage. 
  7. Unplug Major Appliances. This will reduce your energy costs and help prevent electrical fires.
  8. Heating. You can turn your heating off entirely if you’ve properly prepared your pipes from freezing. 
  9. Pack Up All Food. Do not leave any food in the fridge or in the cupboards. Animals and insects will be attracted to it. 
  10. Check your insurance. Your insurance may require you to take other precautions, such as having someone check your cottage at certain times. 

If you have any questions about closing up your cottage or are looking to buy your own cottage, please do not hesitate to contact us!